Supplement to the event agenda “Running City London 2019”

You can use following methods to pay the entry fee:

  1. Yandex.Money

    The Yandex.Money account is required. If you choose this way, you'll be redirected to the system's site to confirm your payment via payment password.

  2. Bank Card

    Pay for the competition with your bank card.

The entry fee for our event can vary depending on the payment method and the chosen category.

Bank Card
Pay at start
Atlas 2000 2000 35
Lion 2500 2500 35
Lion-Mini 2500 2500 35
Sphinx 2500 2500 35

While we recommend that you register online, you can register and pay on the day of the event at our starting location (21 Winchester Road) from 9am to 11am. We have a limited number of starting slots available, so we will be able to offer only those left after the online registration. You might have to wait before you can start, or you might not get a place in your preferred category at all.

Online registration closes one day before the event, so please check this site the day before the game (May 10) to see the starting slots left for same-day registration.

The registration fee will be also slightly increased to £35 and only cash payments will be accepted.