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About the project

In 2000, the Running City event was held - the first city orienteering competition in Russia and worldwide.

By organizing this event, we wanted to share our city and show it from an unexpected angle, unite all isolated parts, tell about little-known or undeservingly neglected but picturesque places and - last but not least - give an opportunity to "feel the city on foot", to explore it as it lives its everyday life.

This gave birth to a new type of events focused on making regional ethnography more informative and competitive - the city orienteering. The main objective is to search for and find specified objects in the city as fast as possible. Events are based on using typically urban modes of transportation: public and private transportation, bicycle, inline skates and walking.

Unlike classic sport orienteering, city orienteering provides different ways of specifying checkpoint tasks. Legends can contain addresses, local names and urban landmarks, plans and photos, complex descriptions or riddles.

Running City events are held every year in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Kiev.

Running City invites everyone interested to support our project. We are open for discussion with sponsors and media. We also welcome volunteers!


"Running City" office in St. Petersburg.

Event Map

This map displays cities where Running City events were already held. Cities which will host events in this year are also shown.

Volunteers Wanted

Our project relies fully on volunteers.

We need volunteers willing to help and participate in the event organization. We also need your help in the off-season.