This Agenda defines parameters of Running City San Francisco 2021 competition as an extension of general Rules for Applying and Participating in City Orienteering Competitions.

General Provisions

The game will be held on 24 October 2021.

Access to tasks and response input form is granted only to team members with active Running City website profiles (

You can take part in the game by selecting one of the two options, in the city or online.

“In the City” Option

Classical Running City routes adapted for playing independently with an electronic control book. Checkpoints with officials are absent at this game. Starting and finishing procedures are also conducted electronically. Teams move around the city according to standard traffic regulations.

To take part in the event, each team would require at least 1 smartphone or tablet with Internet access and also equipped with a camera. All checkpoints (CP’s) are provided to teams in electronic format on the game website (, responses are also accepted electronically. All team members with active website profiles have access to the page with tasks and response windows.

Teams goal is to provide correct responses to the maximum number of tasks.

A team can start their course only after uploading their starting selfie depicting all team members and taken in the area indicated by the organizers.

The exact starting location and starting selfie background will be given to the teams on the website game page at their respective starting times.

Any team photo (from the start, checkpoints or finish) used during the game should have the whole team present and exclude any non-registered participants. Should a photo not comply with the organizers’ requirements, this can be interpreted not in the team’s favor.

All teams that have selected “In the City” option are recommended to carry several powerbanks with them to charge cellphones and other gadgets that you are planning to use on the route.

Teams that have selected timed routes are recommended to record their movements with any convenient tracking method, as they may be required by the game officials to provide their track logs after the game. In case of disputes refusal to provide track logs may be interpreted not in the team’s favor.

When selecting “In the City” option, the participants
- acknowledge and agree that they bear full responsibility for their health and any consequences of their participation;
- agree to comply with the epidemiological rules and self-preservation regulations in place within the game area, in particular, they agree to carry a mask or any suitable replacement (scarf, buff, respirator), and observe social distancing when in public;
- select their route for a walk/run with mandatory starting picture from the following list:

  • “Griffin” category
    Running or walking. This category is the closest to “standard” (cross country) orienteering. It can also be regarded as a more difficult walking option for fit participants. The approximate length of the route without bonus CP’s is 30 km. Part of the route includes hills. The course is timed. All checkpoints are given as addresses.
  • “Lion” category
    Walking route (less than 20 km). Part of the route includes hills. Category for confident participants. The course is not timed. Some checkpoints are contained in riddles.
  • “Lion Mini” category
    Shortened walking category optimized for first-timers, participants with small children and people with reduced mobility (approximate length is 10 km). The course is not timed. All checkpoints are given as addresses.

Any route can be taken up by teams consisting of 1 to 4 people. Team members should move between checkpoints together, separation is not allowed. A route can have checkpoints with mandatory photographic evidence of all team members being present there.

Each route consists of several stages (legs). Checkpoint legends are handed out at each stage. All checkpoints should be taken before receiving legends for the next stage. Navigation between checkpoints of the same stage is arbitrary, the order of stage completion is fixed.

Start opens at 9:30 am.

The starting area - 651 Lombard St.

The finishing area - 425 Mission St, Salesforce Park.

Responses can be logged until 8:00 pm. Teams can be considered as finished only upon the team pressing the “Finish the Game” button. Before that, a team must upload their finishing photo taken at a location specified by the organizers. If either condition is not fulfilled (a team have not pressed the “Finish the Game” button or have uploaded a photo not complying with the task requirements, they are considered as not finished.

All finishing teams (as per the rules indicated above) are awarded with commemorative medals. The medals are given out in compliance with all the sanitary requirements around the finishing location.

The winners and runners-up in Griffin category are also awarded with diplomas and prizes in electronic form. The method of receiving said prizes is relayed to the winners and runners-up by email within three days of the results being announced as final. There is no separate award ceremony.

“Online” Option

This option is suitable for those who want to take part at Running City San Francisco 2021 but cannot move around the city that day or are located in a different city or country.

In order to take part in the game, participants will need a computer (as recommended by the organizers) or any mobile device with Internet access.

In order to perform the tasks in such a format a team will need various information resources, of which Google Maps (street view, photosperes, photos) and website have to be used by default. A task may have other information resources expressly indicated in the task itself.

Stage legends and control book can be accessed on a special page that will be made available to all team members registered on website, but not earlier than the respective category starting times open.

Checkpoints (CP’s) can be given as addresses or as riddles.

Teams goal is to provide correct responses to the maximum number of tasks. The course in the “Race” category is timed, whereas in the “Walk” category it is not. There is no award ceremony.

The course is split into several stages. The stage legends, except for the Bonus Stage (in the “Race”) and Pass-Through Stage (in the “Walk”) are handed out consecutively. Responses to checkpoint tasks of each stage can be entered only before receiving the legend of the following stage and pressing the “Finish the Stage” button. After that, it will not be possible to go back and correct the responses of a finished stage. Teams can consist of any number of participants.

When selecting the “Online” option, participants can take part in one of the two categories, namely, “Race” or “Walk”.

  • The “Walk” route is easier (fewer checkpoints) and is not timed. On average, it may take up to 4-5 hours of uninterrupted participation.
  • The “Race” route is more difficult (more checkpoints), it is timed and has a bonus stage.On average, it may take up to 8-10 hours of uninterrupted participation.
  • Start opens: 0:00 am.
  • Responses can be logged until: 8:00 pm.
  • Final Provisions

    Participation requests are accepted until 11:00 pm on 23 October for all routes subject to availability of free slots. The organizers reserve the right to change (increase / decrease) the number of free lots at any time.

    The size of the participation fee is determined by the Payment Annex and does not depend on the number of participants in a given team.

    Game time: Pacific Standard Time.

    Contacting the organizers: