This agenda provides a detailed description of the "Running City New York 2017" event and acts as a supplement to the general city orienteering rules.

  1. Location and date of the event: New York, 28 October 2017.
  2. Number of participants in a team: from 1 to 4.
  3. Course pattern: stagewise.
    the course is divided into several stages, checkpoint legends are provided at the beginning of each stage. The order of stage completion is fixed. Within each stage, checkpoints may be visited in arbitrary order but only before receiving legends of the next stage.
  4. Categories:
    • "Atlas"
      A classic city orienteering category (about 6 hours on the course). Participants are allowed to move about on foot and by public transport. All checkpoints are given by specific addresses.
    • "Griffin"
      Walking or jogging. For participants who are confident in their physical training. All checkpoints are given by specific addresses.
    • "Lion"
      A recreational category (about 20 km) for those who want a leisurely walk discovering the city. Participants can only walk. The course is not timed. All checkpoints are given by specific addresses.
  5. Online registration: from 14:00 30 December 2016 till 15:59 19 October 2017.
    All teams are required to register online. Upon availability of excessive start packs, several teams can be registered on the game day, but it cannot be guaranteed.
  6. Registration fees are defined in the Payment Instructions. If you are not a Russian resident or you don't have a card of Russian bank, you should pay through PayPal, but first you are to sign up for the game and fill in the team and participants' details.
  7. Start location for all categories: Central Park, Great Hill North, Manhattan.
  8. The course starts on October 28 at 09:00.
  9. Teams in all categories start with 2-minute intervals.
  10. Finish location for all categories: Central Park, Great Hill North, Manhattan.
  11. The course closes on October 28 at 20:00.
  12. Awards. All game participants that make it to the finish are awarded with medals. Those participants that were winners or runners-up in Atlas and Griffin categories are also awarded with diplomas and special prizes. Within three days after the results are finalized they will be notified by email of the method they are going to receive their prizes. There is no separate award ceremeny for the event.
  13. Times are shown in Eastern Standard Time (UTC-4).
  14. Contacting the organisers: