This agenda describes the “Running City Yekaterinburg 2016” event in detail and acts as a supplement to the general urban orienteering rules.

  1. Location and date of event: Yekaterinburg, 18 September 2016.
  2. Number of participants in a team: from 1 to 4.
  3. Course pattern: stagewise.
  4. Categories:
    • Atlas
      The classic category of "Running City". Course is passed via running and using public transport. For participants who are confident in their physical training.
    • Bronevik
      Category with no restrictions on the use of transport. You can use any personal, commercial, public transport, walking, running, etc. The route of "Light" is less long, and only a few CPS are given as puzzles.
    • Griffin
      Walking or jogging. For participants who are confident in their physical training.
    • Horseman
      Category for cyclists. Participants are highly desirable to have cycling experience in urban environments. The protective gear (helmet, beacon) is mandatory.
    • Lion
      Pleasure category. For those who want a leisurely walk on a given CPs. Participants can only walk. The course is not timed, course time is not considered during results calculation.
    • Sphinx
      All the CP are given in the form of riddles. For those who think they are clever, and the usual "exact" addresses - "boring".
  5. Pre-entry submission: from 17:00 8 July to 17:59 17 September inclusive.
  6. Start location for all categories: .
  7. Course starts September 18 at 09:00.
  8. Teams of all categories are starting every 2 minutes.
  9. Finish location for all categories: .
  10. Course closes at — 21:00 18 September.
  11. Times are shown in Yekaterinburg timezone (UTC+5).