This Agenda defines parameters of the urban game Running City Edinburgh 2024 as an extension of the general Rules for Applying and Participating in City Orienteering Competitions.


The game will take place on July 6, 2024, in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

To participate in the game, a team application must be submitted on the website.

A team may consist of 1 to 4 people (except for categories that play remotely).

Application acceptance and payment time: from 10:00 PM on April 25 to 11:00 AM on July 6.

You can participate in one of the 7 categories (routes).

Detailed information about the categories is presented in the Categories Annex.

The team entry fee depends on the chosen category and payment timing, as determined by the Payment Annex.

Starts open at 9:00 AM and according to schedule.

The starting location - The Meadows, The Pavilion Cafe.

In all categories, tasks are distributed and responses are collected online on the game page of the website.

The finish location - Croall Place. Leith Walk Police Box.

The deadline for submitting responses on the website is 10:00 PM.

Game time: British Summer Time.


All teams that start will receive a set of materials.

All teams that finish will be awarded commemorative medals.

Details about the distribution of materials and awards will be published additionally.

Participants of teams playing in the city, who achieve prize-winning places in the timed categories, will also receive diplomas and prizes. The method of receiving these prizes will be communicated to the winners by email within three days after the final results are announced. There is no separate award ceremony.

Contacting the organizers

Before and after the game —

During the game — via the call center phone number specified on the game page of the website.