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Entry Rules

Effective 05.03.2020

  1. Preliminary entries are accepted using forms on the event website specified in the Event Agenda.
  2. Closing dates, deadlines for entry payment and activation as well as fees and method of payment are determined by the Event Agenda. If a preliminary entry is not paid and activated on the date specified in the Event Agenda, it will be cancelled.
  3. In order to submit a preliminary entry it is necessary to have a competitor profile on the website. The amount of entries submitted with the same profile is not limited.
  4. A preliminary entry should contain following information:
    - desired category (if various categories are available);
    - name of the team;
    - contact phone number (active on the day of the game);
    - competitors’ information (first name, last name, year of birth, city of residence).
  5. Each team can modify their preliminary entry sent through the website. Entry data is modified using the editing form on the event page.
  6. Each team is responsible for completeness and validity of all their entry data. If a team specified invalid or misleading information, it can be deleted from the team list (in such a case their fee is not refunded, see para. 11), not allowed to start or disqualified. The organisers reserve the right to assess the correctness of an entry data.
  7. The starting number and time for a team will be determined after payment (entry activation). A team can specify their desired starting time range, but this does not guarantee getting the starting time in the specified range. The starting time is the local time of the territory where the event is held.
  8. The number of teams in each category is initially limited. This limit is based on the average course time and allows the last starting team in a category to complete the course before the finish closes. After the category limit is exhausted, entries for this category will be suspended until free slots are available.
  9. Requests concerning a preliminary entry submission, its activation and editing are handled by the project technical support. A request is an e-mail sent to the address of the organising committee from the Event Agenda and containing data which can uniquely identify the team: team number or team name (for non-activated entries). By default, requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. While processing requests, the technical support does not assume responsibility for operating capability of the third-party mail services.
  10. Entries can be submitted during check-in on the day of the event, if free slots are available in the desired category. The time and submission capability for entries on the day of the event can be limited by the Event Agenda. The amount of an entry fee during the check-in on the day of the event can be different from the entry fee at the time of preliminary entry submission. An entry during the check-in can only be submitted for the vacant starting number/time (which is not occupied at the time of preliminary entry submission).
  11. The entry fee is not refundable.
  12. Force Majeure Circumstances.
    In case an event cannot be prepared and/or held on the announced date due to the circumstances of irresistible force, including declared or actual war, emergency situation regime, exercises, parades, civil unrest, rallies and demonstrations; other social emergencies, including epidemics, quarantines, blockades, embargoes; fires, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters; circumstances created through publication of regulatory and non-binding documents of state and municipal authorities, and other force majeure circumstances, the event shall be postponed to another date, with all the preliminary entries retained. In exceptional circumstances, an entry can be changed for another event subject to the organisers’ approval.