The Statue of Liberty or yellow cab? Empire State Building or steam coming out of white and orange tubes in the streets? Yankee Stadium or a picnic on the Central Park lawn? We all have our own associations of New York — some perceive it only through the image created by Hollywood, some have been there once and didn't have time to see everything they wanted, others routinely commute to the city from Brooklyn every day and never visited Lower Manhattan.

For the first time in 17 years Running City is stepping across the pond — to show the residents and visitors of New York how this city lives and breathes; to show that New York is not only the threadbare attractions, but many other places that are tranquil and peaceful, noisy and crowded, unexpected and beautiful in their own way.

This time, the big city game will be held together with a small themed quest in another city — 2 days after Running City New York we will travel to Washington, DC to see the great design of the architect and engineer Pierre L’Enfant and find out, among other things, why there is no J Street in the city.

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